The GM’s View: Recording the Show

The gang sat down to record episode three Cursed By Dice Wednesday night.  Edits will come soon, but in the mean time, I thought I would procrastinate by opining on the process.

I love the process.  This is a completely biased article.

The players on Cursed By Dice and I have played Pathfinder for a good year or so and are very familiar with the d20 system.  That style is fun and helps in decision making and guiding the story.  For the podcast, we went with a totally unfamiliar system, Fate Core.

Fate Core is open, gives the players so much more control of the story and how things work and where they want to go.  If you listen to Episode 2, you’ll see how quickly the story can get away from me despite best efforts.

Fate Core feels more communicative.  Perhaps we were playing the d20 system incorrectly, but we’ve ditch minis, maps, countless pages of spells and feats and math and now we’re making a story using mechanics that help shape awesome events.  AND! AND! We get to roll dice.  That’s always fun.

The gameplay changes for the purpose of the audio and this is all for the better.  We’re more descriptive, we’re chattier, we record for 2 hours to make a one hour show because we laugh for a solid hour.  I hope the fun we’re having comes through in the show.  I can’t imagine playing any other way now.

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Episode 2

Shadow River’s problem continues and it is getting weird.  The kid gets a name, a library is visited, the heroes hear some Scorpions and the mystery deepens.

All while driving around a wicked sweet VW Bus.

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The Necessary Dice Tray

The GM’s dice tray. This exists because I, Shawn, cannot stop rolling dice off the table. Where does it sit? On the table’s edge.

The story is much more thought out than tray placement, I promise.

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Episode 1!

The first big adventure of the core SAFE trio Ricky, Emma and Bra’ad is here!

The crew first discusses the disaster of the werewolf incident.  They get new tools, a totally rad ride and are off to Shadow River after picking up some radio chatter from a trucker with a rather crude HAM Radio call sign.

What awaits the seekers of truth when they arrive at Shadow River? Will their VW survive the journey?  How much White Snake can one car ride contain?

Find out now in Episode 1!


The Characters

Ricky – 

Ricky is a unique beast.  Former drug dealer, good behind the wheel of a car and more than capable of finding answers.  Ricky may not say much, but he’s here to save the day. He won’t let his friends down and will try his best to keep his customers happy too.  Drug dealer with a heart of gold, nerves and steel and a sneak ability of nil.

Emma – 

Emma spent her youth in a mental health hospital of sorts.  She saw Big Foot once, her parents did not believe her and Emma’s stubborn inability to drop the subject made her parents fear the worst.  Now free from the hospital, she works for SAFE to help prove or disprove any number of paranormal events all while putting together some pretty dope crafts.


The youngest of the bunch, Bra’ad has a chip on his shoulder the size of Rhode Island.  Fight first, let someone else ask questions later is Bra’ad’s guiding principal. He’s out to show the world how dumb they are for thinking anything is real.  Bra’ad also insists on the apostrophe in his name and is such an a-hole about it.


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Episode .5 The Unskippable Tutorial Level

Every great adventure starts with a bit of a tutorial.  I mean…prologue. Yeah, yeah that’s what’s going on here.

In this initial episode, Ricky and Bra’ad and their original partner Jemma face down a werewolf.

Click here to find out what happens to Jemma, the werewolf and a 90s sitcom theme song producer.  Things get weird pretty quick.  There’s a silver net, a clumsy sneak attack and everyone’s favorite 80s horror movie cliche makes an appearance.

Episode Point Five: The Unskippable Tutorial Level found on iTunes here:

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Cursed By Dice

Cursed By Dice is the podcast for…well, that’s a little strong.  Cursed by Dice is a podcast for those who love listening to others create wild characters, full worlds, boundless adventure and curse at a level that I feel like I have to apologize to my granny.  Sorry, Granny.

Three players and a Game Master sit at a poorly constructed (by the GM) gaming table and play a game of FATE Core.

The campaign follows the adventures of three members of the mysterious Society for Evidence.  Originated by none other than Harry Houdini himself, the Society is out to prove or disprove supernatural occurrences around the globe.

Some members are wildly competent.  Others try not to get locked in creepy gas stations at night.  Guess which ones we’re going to meet in the first episode of Cursed By Dice

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Thankyou, Thank you

-Shawn, resident Game Master and owner of a bizarre laugh.