Character Creation The Non-Musical Episode!

With the first story arch of Cursed By Dice nicely wrapped up, it is time to get to know where the characters came from.

Tune in to this episode for a fun way to learn about Fate Core character creation and see how the characters evolved from skeleton concepts to full creatures through the power of team work!

The character creation process in this system is remarkable.

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Next arch coming in a week.

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Janos, The Intrepid Reporter

The character generator at provides the prompts, we fill in the story.

The Character:

My character has a high concept of Intrepid Reporter
With aspects
Stuck on Revenge
control freak.


The story:

Janos was always curious.  Too curious according to a number of teachers, neighborhood parents and one late night security guard at a surprisingly well protected local swimming pool.

This curiosity helped Janos land big scoop after big scoop.  He took down a corrupt librarian, a corrupt retail chain store manager and uncovered a corrupted water main (in his back yard, and was none too pleased about that).  He was always able to dig and dig and dig without ever tiring.

This was all well and good until a promising story, a career enhancing, get to the big desk, primetime show of your own, story landed in his lap.  A moonshiner was making a mockery of the city council all while paying off each and every one of the council members.  The proof was in the money trail.  It always was.  He told everyone in the news room about the story.  He was heading to a supposed still in the mountains outside of town and he was doing it alone.

“This is my scoop!” Janos said.  He was always a control freak.  He would break the story his way and his way only.

Besides, the council did not deserve mercy.  Not after what they did to him.

He drove to the hills, parked his car; an amazing, fresh off the lot ’73 VW Bug, and started walking.

That’s the last anyone ever heard of Janos.  He went for the story.  Some say whatever remains of the intrepid reporter unable to see beyond his own ego wanders the woods of those hills to this day.  Some who say this go to investigate it and never return.  It is those folks SAFE is most concerned with; and why their agents make regular trips to the mountains where moonshine once flowed like a river.

Even to SAFE, the mystery of Janos the Intrepid Reporter is hard to disprove.


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Headphones. What’s the deal?


I read once that headphones are always tangled because there’s only one way for them not to be.  I get it, that makes sense, but I don’t have to like it.

The next episode of Cursed By Dice delves into the character creation process.  The FATE Core system works strictly because characters are built so dang well.  I hope you enjoy it.  While we won’t go into the next story arch this week, this upcoming episode has plenty of laughs, helps explain a bit about the system and gives the backstories of the main three characters.

Hopefully it won’t

Next episode up on Tuesday night.

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Yanice the Lucky Gambler

The character generator at provides the prompts, we fill in the story.

The Character:

My character has a high concept of Lucky Gambler
With aspects
Elemental warrior

The story:

Whiskey was always within arm’s reach.  Yanice loved the stuff.  Smokey, punishing; it tasted like the fire that had consumed her thoughts.  She savored each sip.

“Would you roll, already?” The man across the craps table said in a not so kind tone.

“You betcha’,” Yanice said.  She was more a roulette fan, but this casino was far from classy.  She had to make a few hundred bucks before her trip east could continue.

A pair of dice fled her fist.  Six and one.  She had won again.  Gleeful sounds erupted from the gamblers around her.  She no longer cared for the rush.  This was a visit to an ATM.

“Can I get one more of these,” Yanice waved a finger at a passing waitress.  A head nod indicated the request was received.

Yanice passed the dice to another gambler.  Another $200 in her pocket.  More rolls followed, each time, Yanice won a stack of chips.  She nearly smiled.  The way things were moving, she might not have to pay this place a visit on her way back.

“Tell me, folks, what else is there to do in this town? Huh? Dish.  I need all the details,” Yanice prompted.

“You should check out the old logging camp.  Some say there’s a ghost,” a pleasing voice said, just above a whisper.  The waitress had returned with whiskey and information.

“Thank you,” Yanice said, taking the drink.  “A ghost you say? Dish! Dish! I want to know everything.”

“Oh it’s just a story.  Old camps have those stories.  But, you can get a tour of the place pretty cheap.  See it for yourself,” the waitress said.

“Paid tour? Someone’s making money off a story?” Yanice asked.  She took a far too large swig of the drink.

“Out here?  That’s an honest way to make a living,” the waitress said.  “Looks like it your turn to roll again, miss.”

“So it seems,” Yanice said.  She set her drink on the table and started walking away.  “I’ll have to do a rain check on that roll.  It appears I have somewhere to be.”



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Make Your Fate (Character)

Sometimes coming up with FATE Core character is a challenge.  We’ll have our character creation episode uploaded next week as we move to a new story arch and this episode will help elaborate on the challenge of making a character the player wants to play.

Getting started is the hard part.  That’s where this FATE Core character generator comes in handy!

Click here for the Fate Core Character Generator you didn’t know you needed:

Character types you may run into include:

My character has a high concept of Ravenous Appetite for Destruction
With aspects
Artist soul
Can never sing the right words.
I will soon know my fate.

Or maybe:

My character has a high concept of Wandering Hero
With aspects
Kraken battler
Bartenders Love Them.
I will soon know my fate.


Or even:

My character has a high concept of Intrepid Reporter
With aspects
Seeker of Justice
slow learner.
I will soon know my fate.

I adore javascript ‘Generator’ scripts (you might enjoy a Steampunk Airship Name Generator as well)

This generator is also super helpful in putting together NPCs!

Best part, this is a Thimble project so you can get in there and remix, update, change, correct spelling all you want to!  Everyone can play! Yippee!

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Some Facebook Fun

For the next story arch, with Shadow River has a Problem wrapping up in Episode three, we’re inviting folks over to Facebook to do one of those really lame “Comment below and…” promotions.

With a like, share, comment or whatever, we’ll put part of your name into story.  I have no guilt about using this to name characters as I have been through every page of trying to find names.  Do the work for me!  That’s basically the premise of this promo.

As always, we love to hear from you and will gladly take items, references and aspects into consideration as well, but right now the players actually spend time on Facebook so we’ll head there for the big drive.



Episode Three! Shadow River Can’t Shake this Problem

Episode three is live!  This is the first episode to come out after our initial launch and it is a good one.  Shadow River’s zombie plague is still a problem.  Billie Ron Hubbard is still annoying.  Everyone still ignores their fate points.  It’s business as usual here on Cursed By Dice.

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Searching for the Right Theme Song

Three episodes in and the current theme song for Cursed By Dice just isn’t doing it for me.

Starting next story arch, here’s the intro:

A little less obnoxious.  Not by much.


I am tempted to go with this one.


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Audio Editing Means Hurt Ear Drums

Thanks to the wonders of Audacity, editing the podcast is actually pretty easy.  Not a lot of editing happens, but our half hour tangents on politics, people who like cinnamon, and the use of Oxford commas are basically only amusing to those in the room.  Those get cut. One day we may discuss our “cut this part out” vocal cue, but that’s better left for episode 70 or so.

The real work comes in making the volume not destroy ear drums.

We record on Wednesday nights and get pretty loud.  We’re all a little slap happy and my kids are asleep upstairs.  This often leads to me needing to occasionally check on the oldest child who will wake up from time to time if we get too loud.

Every time this happens, the recording picks up me heading upstairs to check on the kid and as soon as I am out of sight, the players go about clicking, clanking, crunching and making as much obnoxious noise directly into the mic as possible.

When I go to edit these, I know this is coming.  The first episode included Tommy whispering “now do we plan his murder?”  It was a special treat for me to listen to when listening to it for edits!  A special murder treat.

It is always hilarious.

So that section gets edited out to save every body’s ears.

The rest of the show often red lines and I’m working on getting all of those out of the way so speakers don’t blow and ear drums don’t pop.  My ear drums in particular, but thanks to those listening for sticking with us!  Your ears are being thought of.  Not in a creepy way.

That’s always a perfect way to end a post.


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Picture This

Cursed By Dice is on Instagram! Sort of.  We’re, like, three pictures in.  They are mostly blue pictures.  Our table is very blue. And wobbly. Danger exists not only in the story, but in physical game play itself.  That would be a fun recording.  Ricky is about to successfully pull off an amazing driving stunt and the table falls down.

Any who. If you like filtered pictures, come on over!